Setting up a Belkin F8T030 bluetooth access point (BTAP)

Here is a quick guide for setting this BTAP for wireless internet access. I have a palm PDA so the latter instructions are specific to that but the BTAP instructions should be useful for any bluetooth device.

Generally you will need a router to connect the BTAP to your broadband connection. I have a D-link DI-514 and it works fine..

Set up the router and find the router's IP address

Most routers will allocate IP addresses using DHCP to clients - the bluetooth access point will get one of the first one of these. Alternatively if you go to the discover bluetooth devices on the palm it should show the BTAP IP address.

On the Belkin F8T030

Go to the BTAP's home page from your PC - http://IP address (e.g. mine is
Bluetooth Access Point F8T030







Connected to: BELKIN_d4f4d6
Uptime: 00:52:11
IP Address:
Ver:#Viking 1.0 (Build 878 ) Tue Nov 18 11:44:45 PST 2003

Set Language

UI-1.10 (c)2003 Belkin Corporation

Go to security, Bluetooth passkey.
Set the passkey to something other than the default.

Bluetooth Access Point F8T030

Change BT Passkey
Current Link Passkey belkin
New Link Passkey
UI-1.10 (c)2003 Belkin Corporation

Go to LAN. Click change. Enter the IP address of the BTAP, subnet mask from the router (often, Router IP address and DNS to router's IP address (assuming your router provides DNS info).

Bluetooth Access Point F8T030

Network Settings
IP Address
Subnet Mask
DNS Server 
Hostname (FriendlyName)
UI-1.10 (c)2003 Belkin Corporation

Click on utilities, reboot to activate your settings.
After a minute or so the router will have restarted.
Go to the router's home page, Choose Utilities, Net test (ping).

Bluetooth Access Point F8T030

Ping A Host

A Known Root Server
By DNS lookup
UI-1.10 (c)2003 Belkin Corporation

You should be able to click on both the IP address ("A Known Root Server") and ("By DNS lookup") and get a response:
Ping Results

PING ( 56 data bytes

--- ping statistics ---
1 packets transmitted, 1 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 159.0/159.0/159.0 ms

If the IP address ping works ("A Known Root Server") and ("By DNS lookup") fails then the DNS is configured badly. Go back and check your settings on the LAN page and compare them to your router.

If they both fail then the access point is not getting through the router. Check your router settings for IP blocking, firewall or similar and have a look at the router logs.

On the palm

These instructions are based on a Tungsten running PalmOS 5 - adjust as necessary for your PDA.

Go to preferences, communication, connection. Create a new connection. Set to to Connect to local network, via bluetooth and on device click to discover. A list of devices will be returned. The BTAP will appear like BELKIN_number[IP address] - click on it. You now need to enter the passkey that you set up in the BTAP security, Bluetooth passkey setting.

Go to the web browser - options, network and choose the connection you just set up. Click connect and done and try to enter a known URL (e.g. If you get a message about DNS coverage go back to the BTAP Utilities, Net test (ping) and check they both work. If not you will have to set the LAN settings page on the BTAP.