Sponsored walk along Hadrian's wall

From 22nd to 26th June, we walked along Hadrian's Wall path across the North of England from Bowness near Carlisle in the West to Newcastle in the East. We were raising money for two charities: the Friends of the Neonatal Unit at St George's hospital in Tooting, London and the Child Growth Foundation.

The wall is 84 Roman miles long (a Roman mile is slightly shorter than a modern imperial mile at 45 Roman miles to 43 modern miles or 69 kilometres) and the path is slightly longer as it meanders around the wall.

Most people walk the wall from East to West as the milecastles on the wall are numbered in that direction, and so most guidebooks are written that way. We decided to go from West to East as Newcastle has better public transport links for returning home and it seems more natural to go from left to right!

Photo gallery
Day 1: Bowness on Solway to Banks - approx 29 miles
Day 2: Banks to The Old Repeater (near Housesteads fort) - approx 20 miles
Day 3: The Old Repeater (near Housesteads fort) to Port Gate (near Corbridge) - approx 12 miles
Day 4: Port Gate (near Corbridge) to Newburn - approx 14 miles
Day 5: Newburn to Wallsend (Segundum fort) - approx 12 miles
Total: 87 miles

Virtual tour

To take a virtual tour, first download and install Google earth.

Then download hadriansWall.kmz and open it with google earth. Select the tour folder and press play.
The file also contains a selection of accommodation on route.

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