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Installing gedcomToHTML

Unarchive the downloaded file to create gedcomToHTML.pl and gedcomToHTML.prefs.


You may need to set the permissions on the .pl file to be executable:
chmod u+x gedcomToHTML.pl

You may also need to change the perl path statement from #!/usr/bin/perl to the correct path for perl on your system. Use which perl to find the correct path.

Using gedcomToHTML

At its simplest, you can run gedcomToHTML as it stands with the gedcom file as an argument, for example
gedcomToHTML.pl pidcock.ged

If you are not using Unix/Linux, you may have to specify the path to the perl executable, for example
c:\perl\perl.exe gedcomToHTML.pl pidcock.ged

Either way, this will create a directory called Html and within that an <id>.html file for each individual in the database, one people.html file and one surnames.html.

Customising the output

The gedcomToHTML.prefs file can be used for customising the output. Choose from 0 or 1 for the flags and valid directory names for out_dir and photo_dir. The directory photo_dir is where the script looks for Image files for each individual if check_images is 1 - it is a sub-directory of out_dir. The filenames for the pictures should be <individual ID>.jpg or .gif. See my individual entry for how a picture will appear.

The private flag decides whether to make information private in records of living people. The effect of this is the date is replaced by the string (Private) and the birth place made blank. The privacy rules are as follows:

Note that the birth year is found by any 4 digit number in the birth date record.

For the tree graphics files the distributed script links to graphics files in my web space. If you want your own copy, copy and decompress either zipped or lha'ed, then change the treepic_path variable to the correct relative or absolute path.

Output can also be customised using template files. See template files documentation.
Some examples of what can be done with templates:
My individual entry | List of surnames | List of people.
Pieter Donche - surnames | Pieter Donche - people | Pieter Donche's genealogy page.
Graham Lawrence - surnames | Graham Lawrence - people | Graham Lawrence's genealogy page.
Rob Fugina - surnames | Rob Fugina - people | Rob Fugina's genealogy page.

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