If you find a bug, please e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. As far as future improvements go, I have a little list, and if you think of other things let me know. When I make new versions I usually make a posting to the soc.genealogy.computing newsgroup. If you improve the program however, let me know and I'll probably incorporate your changes.

Currently not all of GEDCOM's tags are supported - just a limited subset that covers all the data that comes from the genealogical program I'm using.


Graham Lawrence: changes that inspired many additions to v1.2 - see history for more details.
Dale DePriest: Code to handle multiple marriages that version 1.22b is based on. Reworking and creating tree gifs 6-9. Code to handle CONC/CONT differently (adapted for v1.42).
Jan Baranczyk: German translation.
Rob Fugina: Privacy bug fix in v1.4.
Frank A Roos: Dutch translation.
Pieter Donche: French translation, Dutch translation (different to Franks).
Bob Minteer: Code for including an individual photo (modified).
David Moore - Source information and titles.
Patrick Boylan (jpb) - Surnames beginning with the same letter are put on the same line.
MeDan Pidcock (contact me)