1.5.6 (22 February 2007)
Bug fix - link back to top on people page made explicit for Opera
1.5.5 (27 January 2007)
Bug fix - first name of each letter on surnames page lost hyperlink
Divorce support added
1.5.4 (27 Nov 2006)
Baptism, sealing, repository info added - Jay North
Group by letter in surnames file - Jay North
Trailing slash removed from surnames for sorting - Jay North
Make a statistics file - Jay North
HTML made 4.0 standard - Jay North
Code slightly restructured and comments added
1.5.3 (28 October 2006)
9 children on same line
Tree lines misaligned for many >9 children
preference to use .htm instead of .html for machines that can only have 3 digit extensions
Support christening tag
1.5.2 (26 February 2003)
Correction for cell widths for number of children >= 9 - by Richard Ball
Sort surnames ignoring spaces and apostrophes
1.5 (11 August 2000)
Sources & titles from David Moore
Comma code between birth & death info more efficient - by David Moore
Surnames beginning with same letter on same line - by jpb
Photos can be displayed as thumbnails
Prefs file used
update_status preference to make output less frequent
Footer changed
1.45 (24 November 1998)
Bug fix: ((private) - ) replaced by (private) in people.html now really works.
1.44 (14 November 1998)
Sorting of surnames is not case sensitive
((private) - ) replaced by (private) in people.html
1.43 (13 November 1998)
Children numbered from 1 not 0.
French and dutch translations by Pieter Donche added.
Option to look for photos (Thanks to Bob Minteer).
1.42 (16 September 1998)
Handles CONC/CONT records differently to handle paragraphs thanks to Dale DePriest.
1.41 (29 July 1998)
Bug in marriage table fixed.
Dutch translation by Frank A Roos.
1.4 (28 July 1998)
Internationalisation now possible through variables.
Created German version using translantions from Jan Baranczyk.
Privacy bug fix by Rob Fugina incorporated (showing birth info in <title>).
All marriages shown on tree even if no children result.
Individual not mentioned in marriage tree.
1.33b4 (24 March 1998)
Fixed bug for large number of children.
Image width and height flags added to all images.
1.33b3 (20 March 1998)
Should handle any number of children.
1.33b (17 february 1998)
Doesn't necessarily make people with no death private.
1.33 {17 February 1998)
Clears @fams array to fix problem with some perl versions.
1.32 (12 February 1998)
Removed unnecessary call to get_spouse_data.
1.31 (11 February 1998)
List of people sorted by forname and birth date if they have the same surname.
1.3 (11 February 1998)
Handles level 0 note records.
1.22b (11 February 1998)
Handles multiple marriages (based on Dale DePriests code).
1.21b (24 November 1997)
Should match M\r and F\r on sex line.
$print_notes variable checked properly.
1.2 (19 November 1997) - GL based on Graham Lawrence's changes
HTML files created in sub-directory.
Fixed bug where list of people file contained too many <a name...> statements.
Birth information of living people can be made private.
More frequent and shorter output to console about what is happening.
Header and footer html files possible for individual files. (GL)
Individual notes are optional. (GL)
Template file for list of people file. (GL)
Template file for list of surnames file. (GL)
1.1 (31 October 1997)
Added list of surnames file.
1.0 (31 October 1997)
Marriage information printed before family chart as long as more information than spouse name is known.
people.html printed with surname, forname(s).
Changed footer to link to gedcomToHTML.html.
print_footer and print_marriage functions (make local vars?).
Re-ordered code to put the relative finding bit at top of output part.
First release - no version number (30 October 1997)
MeDan Pidcock (contact me)