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To Perl 5.8 users please note that there is a bug in perl 5.8 which means substitutions like s/Anything//e; will not work properly. This seems to be fixed in perl 5.8.1.

If you have not used this before you will have to download the resources.

Download v1.5.6.

1.5.6 (22 February 2007)
Bug fix - link back to top on people page made explicit for Opera
1.5.5 (27 January 2007)
Bug fix - first name of each letter on surnames page lost hyperlink
Divorce support added
See full program release history.

Previous versions:
Download 1.5.5 (Jan 2007).
Download 1.5.4 (Nov 2006).
Download 1.5.3 (Oct 2006).

If you want output in a language other than English, download Dutch (1) | Dutch (2) | French | German language files.

If you're using this for the first time, you'll need a copy of Perl for your computer. Unix based computers often have a version already installed. If you don't have perl, or the Perl institute are good places to start. For Amigans, perl can be found on Aminet.

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