Ged2html template

To create my family history files, I used to use my own template for gedcom2html. To download it, choose save as on this link and save the file as dpindiv.tpl. I now use my perl GedcomToHtml converter. You can see sample output from the template at

To use the template you will also need three graphic files - choose save as on the pictures below.




Using the template in Ged2html

To use the template, copy dpindiv.tpl to the directory where ged2html is.

Run ged2html using dpindiv.tpl as the individual template. If you are using the Unix version, use the command line option

-t dpindiv.tpl
If you are using the windows version, put the full path to dpindiv.tpl in the individual template text box.

When the html files have been created, you will have to copy the three picture files (tree300.gif, tree600.gif, treechild.gif) to the directory containing PERSONS.html, SURNAMES.html etc.

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